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Reception and reservation of samples and fragments

After carrying out exploratory work on the subsurface, Emhidro SEP received the sample material extracted from the dams´ construction sites.

05/07/2017 | 107 views

On July 5, the Final Document of Samples and Rock Fragments Final Reception corresponding to the subsurface studies denominated “Multipurpose Exploitation in the Neuquén River Basin”, was signed. The document was signed by the President of EMHIDRO SEP, Eng. Elías Sapag, the representative of the Consultant Consortium INTERTECHNE - HISSA - HCA - GRIMAUX, Eng. Oscar Navarro, and the Inspector of Studies, Eng. Daniel Accattatis.These samples and rock fragments have been obtained during the subsurface exploratory works -vertical boreholes and drilling - that the Consultant Consortium carried out under the Contract signed with the PESE (Program of Studies of the Energy Sector), dependent of the Argentine Secretariat of Electrical Energy, and they correspond to La Invernada and Cerro Rayoso hydroelectric projects.More than 110 boxes with the material properly classified and inventoried are under the responsibility and care of EMHIDRO SEP, as established in the Agreement previously signed ...

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06/03/2017 | 135 views

Specialized companies carry out geophysical studies at Cerro Rayoso and Invernada hydroelectric projects area
16/12/2016 | 495 views

Together with Emhidro’s board of directors, they made a reconnaissance visit to the locations where those exploitations –that are part of the development plan for the hydroelectric potential of Neuquén province- are under study.
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