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Delivery of the Final Report

We have delivered the Final Report for the hydroelectric projects located at the river Neuquén Middle Basin.

06/12/2018 | 53 views

After having finished the basic surveys and the projects design, on November 23 we delivered to the official authorities of Emprendimientos Hidroeléctricos Sociedad del Estado Provincial del Neuquén, the Final Report of the Survey called “Aprovechamientos Multipropósito Cuenca Media del río Neuquén” (River Neuquén Middle Basin Multipurpose Utilization) which is included in the five-year development plan 2019/2023 announced by the Provincial government.Said surveys, commissioned by the National Energy Agency (within the PESE Programme) from the consultants INTERTECHNE – HISSA – HCA –GRIMAUX, were monitored by Neuquén Province through EMHIDRO. They took 29 months and the approximate cost was $ 42,000,000 and were financed by the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF).The execution of the tasks performed by the Consulting Consortium has determined the technical, economic and environmental viability of two important hydroelectric projects in the river Neuquén middle basin, “La Invernada and ...

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05/07/2017 | 127 views

After carrying out exploratory work on the subsurface, Emhidro SEP received the sample material extracted from the dams´ construction sites.
06/03/2017 | 183 views

Specialized companies carry out geophysical studies at Cerro Rayoso and Invernada hydroelectric projects area
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